Inspection Report

Once the inspection is complete, the findings are documented in an official report. Rigler Home Inspections utilizes an advanced software package to develop and post the reports. The reports are completed electronically using software and then uploaded to a secure database on the Internet. An email is then sent to the customer with a link, user name, and password to access the report. The reports are available online for five years. If Internet access is not available, the report can be printed, faxed, or mailed at your convenience.

Next Business Day

Inspection reports are uploaded and made available on the next business day after the on-site inspection is completed. This provides timely access to the findings of the inspection and allows you to move forward in the closing process. If you have questions after reading the report, I am happy to provide further explanation as needed.

Sample Report

This is a Sample Report for you to get an idea of what a typical whole house inspection report from Rigler Home Inspections looks like. The items on this report are simply a sampling of various material defects found on homes.

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