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A whole house inspection is a performance evaluation of the readily accessible and visible components of a home or commercial property at the time of the inspection. The purpose of the inspection is to determine if the components and systems of the home are working properly and safely. Below is an overview of the items inspected during a typical whole house inspection:

Roof: covering, drainage systems, penetrations

Exterior: siding, decks, porches, doors, windows, grade drainage

Foundation: basement, crawlspace, water penetration, movement

Heating: energy source, heating method, working condition, ventilation

Cooling: cooling equipment, working condition

Plumbing: water heater, fixture, functional flow, waste drainage

Electrical: service entrance, electrical panels, receptacles, lighting, smoke detectors

Attic: roof structure, insulation, ventilation

Interior: doors, windows, walls, ceilings, floors

Standards of Practice

Rigler Home Inspections conducts its inspections in accordance with the State of Kansas Home Inspection Standards of Practice. As described in the Standards of Practice, there are certain components and systems that go beyond the scope of a typical whole house inspection which may include but are not limited to wood destroying insects such as termites, pools/spas, water purifier systems, solar heating systems, and underground piping systems such as private water, sewage, or sprinkler systems.

A typical whole house inspection takes approximately two hours; but that can vary significantly on the condition and size of the home. I not only welcome, but prefer you to attend the inspection, or at least the end of it, so I can personally communicate my findings directly to you. This also gives me an opportunity to help educate customers on the property and the future maintenance of it.


Pricing for a whole house inspection is dependent on the size and components of the home. Please call or email for an estimate. Mileage may be applied for inspections over 30 miles from Hays, KS. Payment for the inspection is due upon the completion of the on-site inspection or at the closing of the property.

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